The Secret of Window Tinting


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As I mentioned in a previous blog on a recruitment business, sometimes all it takes is a minor tweak to a business model, rather than a massive innovation, to lead to success.

Well, what would you say if I told you that just one small change to your most expensive possessions – your home and your car – could completely transform their look and design? It’s not only the aesthetics that can be improved, but the safety and quality of light entering your home and car can also be enhanced – easily and relatively cheaply.

I’m talking about applying window tinting film to the windows of your home and vehicle. It may not sound like much but there are many ways in which window tint can improve your surroundings. The specialists at family-run window tinting business Tintmaster, based in the UK near St Albans, Hertfordshire, know of a number of advantages in using window film, which of course is much cheaper than removing a window and replacing the glass.


When it comes to buildings, such as your home or office, a number one motivation for using tinting film is greater privacy, so that you can let the light in, but keep prying eyes out.

“Employers can prevent people outside in the street being able to see the contents and inhabitants of commercial or industrial premises, so protecting their workforce and any machinery or possessions inside using just a layer of translucent window film,” explains Tintmaster manager Martin Schlatter.

“It’s not just from the outside that companies like to use this privacy film – internal glass walls, doors and windows can be easily made translucent or opaque with window film, so that people can’t peer into private offices or meeting rooms. And in your home, this effect gives you extra privacy in bedrooms or bathrooms, and lets in more natural light than curtains or blinds would.”

Mirror Effect

He continues, “Another big favourite with businesses is to apply a mirrored layer of window tint – from the outside you see just a reflection of yourself but the people inside can look out as if it’s a normal window. Like in the movies when people are looking into an interview room! This type of film is also popular in the home, for buildings like conservatories that are overlooked.”

Martin shows me the range of coloured tinted window film that Tintmaster can add to almost any window. There’s a wide choice of options, from blues of varying colour depth, lilacs, pinks and reds, to shades of yellow.

Home Colours

“These can be fun in the home,” he says, “if you want to, say, put them on your son’s bedroom windows in the colour of his favourite football team, or if your daughter wants pink glass in her room! We’ve had a few companies who apply these coloured films to their office headquarters, to show corporate colours – this can look really effective in buildings with a lot of external glass and make a real corporate statement.”

The photo Martin shows me of an office premises where Tintmaster has done certainly looks awesome – a glass office building with each square window pane on the outside coloured individually in bright primary colours – certainly eye-catching and bold!


Sporty and Sleek

For car windows, Tintmaster offer a range of grey to black shades, and again the results are dramatic. Sports cars become sleek and dangerous-looking, while ordinary sedans take on a classy and exclusive look – all through just a layer of window film!

“It’s not just for looks,” says Martin. “This window tint film also protects the car’s inhabitants from too much glare from the sun, and cuts down UV radiation entering the vehicle – good for your passengers and the car’s upholstery!”

“This solar reflective property in window film is also great for your home, too,” Martin adds.

Video: Comparing Window Tints


Tintmaster makes it as easy as possible for its customers, offering the service of picking up a car and driving it to the workshop for window tinting. Then, when the vehicle is done, they can drive it back to you.

Homes and any office, commercial or industrial building can also be protected using window safety film, Martin tells me, which reduces risk of damage and injury to the building interior if a window was too break, or become damaged.

Safe Glass

“The safety film keeps the glass fragments stuck together as one, so that they don’t fall down and shatter. We do a lot of safety film for buildings that want to reach health and safety regulations. Instead of replacing windows with safety-enhanced glass, it’s cheaper and effective to apply a layer of safety film.”

The versatile range of uses that window tinting film can be applied to is surprising to me and every application that I’m shown an example of looks stunning. This really is such a simple way to make your home or office a more pleasant, private and safer place, or to give your car a classy executive touch.

For more information on car, home and office window tinting, go to Tintmaster’s website at

A Wedding Planners View Of The Groom


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weddingplanningToday I am talking to Tania Nursiah of Orange Blossom Wedding Planning in Hertfordshire. Tania is an ex Investment banker who saw the light and got out! No, I jest, she actually decided not to go back after the birth of her daughter and started a wedding planners business. Good at organisation, she worked part time for another local planner towards the end of her pregnancy and loved it.

Today, Orange Blossom is blooming and whilst she didn’t want to talk specifically about the business, she wrote this article for me to publish.

“I wanted to give an idea of what I get involved in rather than just spout on about how wonderful my business is” she enthused.

Who am I to argue? So, here’s Tania’s take on what the Groom should be doing on the big day! Enjoy.

A Groom’s Guide – How to Play Your Part in Your Big Day

Traditionally the bride is the primary port of call for us wedding planners, and whilst we understand that many brides-to-be have been dreaming of their big day since they were young, the groom shouldn’t be left on the side lines. Here we offer our essential guide for grooms so you can get involved (without treading on your bride’s toes) and see your own big day dreams turned into a reality!

Present a United Front

Whether you are opting for a full or partial wedding planning service, the consultation phase is perhaps the most important step towards your big day. Prior to the consultation sit down as a couple to discuss your wants and needs for your wedding day so that you are prepared with a few things you agree on.
Even the most basic ideas and themes can be turned into something significant by your wedding planner. Presenting a united front at this stage and accompanying your bride to consult your planner is essential.

Remember You Do Have a Role to Play

Many grooms may think there is nothing left for them to do after they’ve popped the question but unbeknown to many, there are lots of ways that you can get involved in the wedding planning process and take some of the pressure off your stressed bride. If your bride would prefer to work with the wedding planner alone, why not get to work planning the post-wedding celebrations?

For the majority of brides, the wedding planning process is particularly taxing, and whilst we’re here to make it as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible for both parties, giving your bride a break by planning the honeymoon will earn you some brownie points. Planning the honeymoon is also a lot of fun and your new wife will certainly appreciate the effort, especially if there are a few surprises along the way.

Take An Interest

Take an interest in the things that affect you directly
Whilst the whole wedding day is designed to celebrate your love and unity as a couple, it is very unlikely that you will have the deciding vote on some parts of the planning process, such as the attire of your bride or her bridesmaids.

By concentrating on and co-ordinately aspects of the wedding that directly affect you, you can lead the way. Hone your speech (remember practice makes perfect!), choose your wedding band and select your own attire and that of your groomsmen – every little helps when it comes to wedding planning and creating a big day that screams ‘us’, not ‘you’!

Tania Nursiah is a wedding planner in Herts her company is orange Blossom.You can find her website below:-

Here’s a video on the Groom’sguide to wedding planning.

Recruiting In The Digital Marketing Space


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Innovation is the key to business success in my opinion. It doesn’t have to be massive innovation, it can be a minor tweak on an existing model. But, I always think people who can look at things from an alternative perspective are always likly to win.


Doug Bates of Intelligent People

Such is the case with my good friends Chris Mason and Doug Bates who are the co-owenrs at U.K Digtal Recruitment Agency Intelligent People.

I’ve known these Guys since they were raw rookies and I love a story like theirs.

Recruitment A Tough Game

Now, let’s not by shy here, recruitment is a tough, tough game.

You have to be made of stern sales stuff to rise above the crowd as a recruiter. And the market seems to get tougher all the time. So what makes Intelligent People stand out.

Firstly, I think it’s the fact that they specialise in Digital and Online Marketing.

Early Adopters in Digital Marketing

chris mason

Chris Mason

“We were very early adopters in digital marketing recruitment”, says Chris. “It was somewhat of a gamble, not only hadn;t the recruitment market formed in that niche, the entire niche hadn’t really taken shape. It was a bit of a leap of faith if we’re honest”, he smiles.

But you must have had some idea that the market was going to develop.

“We did our research for sure, and we also did a “soft” crossover” from City IT”, recalls Doug. “We’d worked the IT to the Banks market for about ten years and there were significant changes taking plave. They were changes we didn’t like from a business perspective, so we started looking at other markets”.

What were those changes?

Changes In The Market

“Well, it was the time that HR departments started to outsource to manage agency preferred supplier lists. Don’t get me wrong, with the number of agencies piling into the City market at the time, something had to be done to crub theamount of time managers where spending dealing with agencies. I just think they went about it in the wrong way”, Chris remembers.

“Yes, the advent of email was what made us think about Digital Marketing. It had a profoud effect on how recruitment worked”, says Doug. “In the mid 90’s a candidate would post or fax his Cv to his preferred 5-10 agencies and they would know their candidate and find them work. Then the mid 90’s recession hit as did email. All of a sudden a candidate could email his CV to 200 agencies with the push of a button”.

Technology Effects

“And, that gave every agency access to City CVs which had been the preserve of the specialists” said Doug. “So, with all these new CVs every agency in the world piled into the City and it became swamped so the Banks looked for efficiencies and stopped line management dealing with agencies. It became an HR bunfight”!

Chris chips in, “we just did not want to “play” on those terms. We always took pride in our client relationships and these were being blown away. We couldn’t control the recruitment process any longer so we looked for a fledgling market where we could”.

“After extensive research, and a deep analysis of the effect email had on recruitment, we immediately looked at where Internet technology was headed. It all pointed to faster speeds and an explosion in eCommerce”, says Chris.

eCommerce The Future

“Indeed, so we started looking for people in eCommerce in organisations, we started looking for people doing email marketing and talking to web developers to see what was happening. We found fledgling digital marketing departments in many, many companies”.

“So, we started talking to these people”, said Chris.

“We just asked questions and tried to find out what the feeling was “on the ground” and it confirmed our research. So, in talking to some of these people we took in a couple of vacancies.I think our first vacancy was for an email marketer. We put an ad out and lo and behold, we found some candidates and made a placement”.

“The same client then asked us to find someone to manager an early eCommerce site launch, so we found the someone and we were up and running”, smiles Chris.

Complete Crossover

Was it easy to make the full crossover to Digital Marketing?

“It was a slow process”, says Doug thoughtfully. “We kept our best IT clients going for almost a year. We finally achieved total crossover after about 18 months. By then the market had expanded, and because we had been talking the talk for 18 months, we were well received when we talked to digital marketing people generally. They appreciated we knew what we were talking about”.

Now, 10 years later Intelligent People are a leading online headhunter leading the market in terms of head of product recruitment and generally majoring in eCommerce and Product Management headhunting at senior level. they also lead themarket in contingent recruitment in middle management to technical level.

Adapt, Survive and Thrive

It’s a great story and the lesson to learn is that you have to adapt to survive. But, make sure you do your research and make the right decision on future direction.

Final word to Doug. “I don’t think we would ahve survived if we hadn’t made the change” he says ruefully. “The IT market got more and more automated and away from personal relationships which is an area we excel at. We would have got frustrated and probably packed it in!”

You can find Intelligent People by clicking the link.

Here’s Chris on video talking about where to find jobs.




Adding A New Slant To A Business Model


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Today I want to talk about an age old technique that has developed many successful businesses over the years. They say don’t re-invent the wheel, and whilst I love innovation, sometimes an existing business model or product just needs looking at from a different angle. A product or service may just need a little bit of lateral thinking or a slight “kink” to make it in to something bigger, better or more profitable.

Transformational Change

Think plain crisps – the only variety available for years. How many extra sales came from adding flavours? Different variations of crisps (or chips for our U.S friends). Kettle Chips, crinkles, nachos…the list goes on.

Think vacuum cleaners to Dysons, mobile phones to smart phones (to iPads) and DOS to Windows. How much in extra sales and profits did those transformational changes make for the companies concerned. Multi millions, maybe even billions I’d suggest.

So, I am always interested when I see this process at work. I am even more interested when the change applied is subtle yet provides amazing benefits for the consumer.

So, let’s start to get a little more specific.

The U.K Domestic Heating Market

In the U.K it’s fair to say that the market for domestic heating systems and boiler supply has been a two-tiered system for many years now. A system that, now I look at it, was ripe for someone to come in with a destabalising competitive product.

But, let’s look at the current modus operandi first.

The market is dominated by a few multi nationals who’s main business is gas supply. The likes of British Gas, Scottish Power and EDF Mann have supplied the U.K market with consumables for decades. They have bolted on install and maintenance as added value services. Indeed many have gone as far as to provide “cover” for all home needs including plumbing and electricity, British gas Home 400 being an example.

Whilst these cover and maintenance plans are quite cost effective, these companies charge top end prices for boiler supply and installation. A new boiler supply, install and system check costing many thousands of pounds.

Second Tier Traders

On the second tier are independent traders picking up the slack on whatever work they can find. These tend to be local plumbers who can be somewhat untrustworthy and will do maintenance on older boilers not covered under any warranty or scheme. They will also buy boilers at trade and do installs and ad hoc service and maintenance. It’s an unregulated and unstructured market that “lower end” customers tend to use when an emergency arsises.

It’s unreliable at best and can leave the customer exposed.

Market Destabaliser

So, the destabaliser? A company called Hassle Free Boilers.

HFB_Logo_400I found out about them at a high level business network meeting I was attending when I bumped into CEO Peter Randall. Talk about excited.

Hassle Free launched about two years ago with the mantra of breaking the blue chip cartel in the market. And, to date they have hit everyone of their key target points.

Fascinated I asked Peter why he believed this had happened and to give me a potted history.

“Well”, he started enthusiastically, “we first saw the business model being used in Canada so we studied it. And, we liked what we saw because it was providing so many great benefits for the consumer. But more than that, being an “eco” company,we could see how we could reduce carbon emissions in the U.K into the bargain”.

So, here’s the sketch.

The Model

Hassle Free Boilers have created partnerships with sopt gas suppliers to bring cheaper gas to the U.K. They have also signed a partnership deal with eco boiler supplier Vaillant to use only their top of the range ecoTech boilers. And, finally they have hired a highly trained team of installers and boiler / heating system maintenance engineers across the U.K.

So, having put this supply infrastructure in place, what’s the deal for the consumer?

Pretty good as it happens!

If you (as a consumer) sign a deal with Hassle Free Boilers you essentially get a free boiler up front (as well as free installation and a full heating systems check up).

You sign a long term agreement for maintenance and the cost of the boiler is spread out over the agreement period. O.K, the cost is more than British Gas Home 400, but you are getting a boiler and installation into the bargain. It;s a great deal.

What’s more as a hassle Free customer you can then benefit from gas supply at up to 45% cheaper than the mainstram suppliers. It’s a great deal all round.

So, you get a new gas boiler replacement, gas boiler service and installation all included for one low monthly payment.

peter_randall_hassle_free_boilersPeter explains, “It’s just a great deal for the consumer. It’s not available anywhere else in the U.K and the kicker is…because the installs are all brand new ecoTech boilers from Vaillant, they are super eco friendly. So we are saving consumers money and helping with our part on the environment. Of course you can also et a new boiler purchase from us as well,and the prices are also far cheaper than the other suppliers”, he smiles.

As far as I’m concerned this model ticks all the boxes and it is great to see the success HFB are now generating.

You can find Hassle Free Boilers at the following website

In the following video, Peter explains the pricing model.

Digital Recruitment



How to Start A Business – A Newbie’s Guideline

business plan image

If you want to earn more, obtain financial freedom without having a boss instead be your own boss, then going for a business is the right thing to do. Of course, it may seem like a lot to do, but if you know the steps on how to start one, things will be a lot easier and clearer to you.

Here are the steps you need to take when it comes to starting your very own business:

1. Know first what are you loving and passionate about.

A business takes a lot of time and effort from you if you want it to be successful. You must be sure that whatever business you want to venture it is something that you are passionate about and you do love doing it. Why? It is your passion that will drive you to do more and hurdle all struggles when the tough gets rough. It will be the prime reason why you will never get tired of handling your business everyday.

2. Have a role model.

If you already have an idea as to what you should venture into, the next thing you need to do is to seek for a role model. Look for successful businesses that are similar to that you have chosen and study their business structures, get whatever information you can get as to why they have been successful. When you have that, then you will be able to use it when you are going to start off your business. It is like a secret success business formula. Once you have it, failure will be inevitable.

3. Plan and prepare everything.

The only way that you can be assured of that you are going in the right direction is when you plan and prepare everything. You should take down every detail on how to run the business, the manpower side, how much do you need, and any safety measures you need to take in order to keep it going and achieve success down the line.

Are you now ready to start your very own business? Go ahead apply the above-mentioned guidelines. Shoot me any questions if you have one and I will gladly answer to them.

A New Business Slant